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Lanart Alpaca

Pop Art Alpaca Socks

Pop Art Alpaca Socks

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Pop Art: Alpaca Socks

Pop Art Baby Alpaca Natural Fiber Wool Comfortable Breathable Moisture Wick Dress Socks for Men & Women 

STYLISH: Featuring bright, dramatic patterns hand-painted colors inspired by the Pop Art movement of the 1950s, these playful socks give a "leg up" on fun and fashion. Great for all ages, genders, and sizes.

COMFORTABLE: All-weather friendly, these socks keep feet warm in the cold and cool in warmer weather. Made with super-soft baby alpaca yarn fibers, they're super-soft and feature a no-clip cuff, so they stay up without being constricting.

BREATHABLE: Alpaca fiber is naturally moisture-wicking and lanolin-free to repel dust mites--which means feet stay dry and comfy all day. The fibers also have antimicrobial properties that keep odor-causing bacteria at bay.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE: Designed to impress and built to last—these socks can be worn several times before washing. Then, just a simple machine wash in cold water and a quick air dry before you wear them again.

MADE IN THE USA: Woven from 80% ethically sourced, all-natural baby alpaca wool fiber and proudly produced in North Carolina, a hub of excellence for hosiery making

What Is Alpaca Fiber? 

Alpaca was once considered a gift from the gods and the most important relic of Incan history. Alpacas are in the camelid family, sharing the most genetic material with the vicuña. They are one of the four South American camelids. 

The two breeds of alpacas are: the Huacaya and the Suri. The types of fiber harvested from each of these breeds are equally prized for different reasons. Fiber derived from alpacas varies in weight depending on how it is spun, making it ideal for a number of different kinds of products. Compared to sheep’s wool, alpaca fiber is considerably softer, and more durable.

The Magic Behind Lanart Alpaca Socks

Alpaca is the best natural fiber for socks, with a hollow core yielding tons of advantages. Your feet will stay at an optimum temperature, so you can do the things you love regardless of the weather. Baby alpaca is super soft, doesn't rub, constrict, or bind. It will help prevent blisters, and won't irritate sensitive feet. The breathability of this natural fiber makes it a suitable sock for most of the year. The 80% baby alpaca yarn that we use retains all the wonderful natural qualities of alpaca.

Our inhouse designs are proudly manufactured in our home state, North Carolina, USA. The NC hosiery industry has years of experience in developing technique. It has developed a level of expertise that is consistent, reliable, and provides a level of excellence that we are proud to offer. For more information, please call us at 877-alpacas (877-257-2227) click here for more info.

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