Candy Colors

Our magnificent Candy Colors coincide with our environmental principles; we use a superior method of dying our alpaca to make the smallest ecological footprint possible. We used to use natural dyes that were vegetable base only to discover that the method of making those colors set were most detrimental to the environment. After time and research, we have found the most environmentally friendly dying process for our alpaca fiber.

We hand dye our yarns with the utmost care. Each small batch of fiber is dyed onsite by our colorist using our special techniques that have been learned, developed, and perfected over time. The properties include varied textures and brilliant colors that do not fade after laundering or being worn in the sun.

Our designs capture the essence of indigenous art while simultaneously being modern and super high quality. We combine these assets with the natural beauty in the products we have created.

Our continuous innovation is one of the things that distinguish us in the Alpaca industry. In 2009, Candy Hoeschen visited our Arequipa location to teach us how to dye yarn, fabric, hanks, and do specialty stitching. Utilizing her years of expertise to teach and pass down priceless knowledge, she helped shape our approach to hand crafting. We thank Candy for sharing her splendid talent and valuable time with our Arequipa team.