Animal Friendly

LANART never harms animals in the ethical procurement of any raw materials for our products. It is an honor to be able to work with these peaceful, sweet creatures and their amazing fiber. We are against mistreatment of alpacas and all animals. We are proud to support and be affiliated with The Whale Museum, and the Sea Turtle Oversight Protection.

Our alpaca fiber is shorn (like sheep) in a humane manner that has been practiced for generations. These practices have been around for centuries as these precious animals have been an intricate part of the Peruvian culture and economy for thousands of years. Alpacas, along with vicuñas, are the only South American camelids bred exclusively for their lustrous quality fiber that is naturally warm, not prickly, hypoallergenic, water resistant and flame resistant. Shearings in Peru yields up to a bountiful 20 pounds of fiber because of them being native to the temperature and terrain of the Andes.

These alpacas are raised in Altiplano’s of the Andes at 12,500 – 16,000 feet above sea level, where they live on large mountainous plains and flourish in their natural habitat. It would be detrimental to harm an animal that yields so many pounds of wonderful fiber each Spring. We value all life. However, a certain percentage of alpacas do not survive the harsh rainy season. The pelts are gathered from animals that have perished due to harsh natural conditions. It’s vital to use 100% of the animal once it has passed in order to honor it; nothing is wasted. The bodies are then collected from the mountain side, and we treat them with our special tanning process that yields the best hides for the the best collection of alpaca fur goods that we bring you.