Quality Inside and Out

What Sets LANART Apart


Much of what gives our hand crafted alpaca bears distinctively high quality are invisible to the naked eye. LANART’s Alpaca bears are the best bears anywhere because of:

  • The care and effort that goes into hand selecting each pelt & other quality materials
  • Matching fur length, textures, and colors for uniform bears
  • The proprietary process that goes into the tanning
  • Design that adheres to U.S. safety standards

The effort that goes into every bear is genuine. Each one lovingly designed, cut, sewn, stuffed, and stitched by hand. The teddy bear collection is alive with personality and attitude helping people connect in a fun, personal and meaningful way.


Our needle felted sculptures are a real point of pride for us. Our vast collections include the favorite alpacas to beloved canines to majestic sea life. These are special because:

  • We use alpaca fiber for a softer and more delicate appearance
  • Fiber is dyed in-house in small batches to capture accurate colors and markings of different species
  • Anatomy is studied, evaluated, and approached from a technical aspect in effort to emulate nature’s beauty
  • This multi-layered hand crafting process is a specialized skillset that our ladies have been cultivating for years

While each piece is truly artistic and admirably made, holding one of our little felted critters is simply joyful. We are happy that our felted sculptures can bring some joy to those who receive them.


We use baby alpaca yarn to create exceptional accessories. Our goal is to bring you the best quality, and unique pieces that are wonderful to wear.

  • Hand painted yarn is dyed in small batches for our socks and gloves
  • We combine fur with other mediums of alpaca for a wonderful wear
  • Knit by hand in the mountains of Puno, our ladies create wonders
  • We strive for an original take, high functionality, and consistent quality

We love hand crafting our accessories with exceptional attention to detail. We bring you pieces that are fun and spice up everything from jeans to evening gowns. We want you to feel beautiful in your LANART accessories, so we make them as beautiful as possible.


Alpaca socks are good. So what’s the big deal with ours? We provide you with the highest content alpaca blend while still being machine washable. We believe that to truly appreciate alpaca, you must retain all of the natural qualities which exponentially diminish with lower percentage. Naturally benefits of our high content alpaca socks:

  • Warmth and softness
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Zero itchiness
  • Breathable for a variety of temperatures
  • Wick away sweat to keep feet dry
  • Anti-microbial qualities for odor elimination
  • Fire resistant for fending off fires

Just a few of the reasons why our alpaca socks are the best. Weather we make them in the U.S..A. or Peru, our socks are consistently high quality. We have fun and innovative colors, designs, and styles. We love being your alpaca sock provider!