Breakfast Club & Fair Trade

Fair Trade 

Every purchase matters. When you buy a LANART product, you are contributing to our vision of real Fair Trade. Our company culture is taking care of each other through a symbiotic relationship with the artists that make our products. The beauty and effort that goes into each product is genuinely valued. Fair trade means so much more to us than paying fair wages and having good working conditions, those are basic, bottom line conditions. We seek to provide a kind, caring, and loving atmosphere where people are excited to come to work.

We have incorporated health care initiatives, annual educational funding, and have home ownership goals for each of our employees. In addition to health insurance, we offer dental exams and treatment, eye exams and glasses, flu shots, and other onsite benefits. We provide these opportunities on site, during work hours whenever possible to ease the stress of time constraints. We fund and provide work hours for employees to further their education. We also offer flex time for individuals with children or elderly to care for. Finally, we are so proud of our homeowners. We have the desire for all employees to own their own land and have something to pass down to future generations.

In a nutshell, we love working with our team members in Peru and they love working with us. While we enjoy bringing clothes, toys and gifts for their personal use, providing jobs and support is the most empowering gift. They take tremendous pride in their work and give us the gift of innovation and quality with their heart felt work. We have the freedom to be steadfast on our mission because we continue to be a family business true to our values ~ doing our part to help colleagues and communities by providing the best hand crafted alpaca products.