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Lanart Alpaca

Mouse Chef: Felted WoolPaca Sculpture

Mouse Chef: Felted WoolPaca Sculpture

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Mouse Chef: Felted WoolPaca Sculpture

A charming, white mouse, wearing a white chef's hat and a red heart on its chest, holds a wooden spoon with a welcoming smile. It's inviting you to join it in the kitchen for a delicious culinary adventure. Needle felted sculpture, reminiscent of Beatrix Potter's illustrations.

From our Character line, the cute little guy Felted Wool Paca Sculpture is the Mouse Chef. Through the careful details of their clothing, this innovative group of people captures the actual characteristics of every small man or woman. A real hand-made keepsake for a unique gift or your own collection. Each one is finished with a loop to hang and stands a couple inches tall. You may carefully pose the moveable armatures anyway you choose. Hand-dyed, wonderfully soft and natural fibers in small batches are used here. Every piece is unique with minor variances because of the hand crafted technique; all are made with love.

What Is Alpaca Fiber?

Alpaca was once considered a gift from the gods and the most important relic of Incan history. Alpacas are in the camelid family, sharing the most genetic material with the vicuña. They are one of the four South American camelids.

The two breeds of alpacas are: the Huacaya and the Suri. The types of fiber harvested from each of these breeds are equally prized for different reasons. Fiber derived from alpacas varies in weight depending on how it is spun, making it ideal for a number of different kinds of products. Compared to sheep’s wool, alpaca fiber is considerably softer, and more durable.

About Needle Felting?

Needle felting is a dry felting method typically using wool with its barbs that felt quickly and easily. However, we use alpaca for a softer and more artistic effect. Our crafters have mastered this art form and now use this media for sculptures, flat art, and clothing embellishments.

Fiber artists can needle felt for a few moments or for days at a time. This relaxing craft is now available to everyone. We offer both finished sculptures and needle felting kits. Please call us at 877-Alpacas (877-257-2228) or click here for more info on DIY projects.

  • Made using certified alpaca fiber
  • Natural colors and marking are emulated
  • Artistically handcrafted in-house by our experts
  • Kits include detailed steps and pictures for projects
  • Finished products are always Fair Trade from Peru


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